Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mama Don't Allow No Kayak Paddlin' 'Round Here

This is why:

Yep, that's our favorite little lake where just a few weeks ago we were plucking cattails and enjoying the fall weather. Brrrrrrr.

Can't wait for the spring thaw!

Last Paddling Outing of 2010

The second week of November was the last of the good weather we had this fall, and I'm glad I took advantage of it and took the girls out for what would be this year's last kayaking.
I love the sight of feathers and leaves floating on the water, however I always forget how difficult it is to make a dead stop next to one to take it's picture.
Miss Moo in front of the cottonwoods.
More leaves. These were easier to photograph because they were more of a "captive audience".
The girls had a great time picking bouquets of "nature's corndogs".
And then they had a great time tearing them apart and "spreading the love" of the cattails.
What a gorgeous day, and a fantastic end to our kayaking season.