Friday, August 20, 2010

Camping and Kayaking and Racing, Oh, My!

We recently spent a blissful 4 days camping at one of our local lakes. I love the way kids are so eager to pitch in with the chores of unloading, setting up tents and gathering wood when they are camping. What is it about the great outdoors that brings about such a spirit of cooperation and enthusiasm? Wish I could bottle it and sell it!

The best thing about our campsite was the view of the lake. Couple that with the view of the kayaks sitting on the beach all ready to go, and that was my idea of paradise!

Really, does it get any better than this?

My niece brought her family up and she and I took time to escape for a kayak together. I think my famous last words to her as she got into the Maui were, "This is a really stable boat. You'd have a hard time tipping it over." I then began paddling away when I heard a scream and a splash behind me, not 10 feet from shore.

Sure enough there's my niece, soaking wet and the Maui turtled. Luckily my niece is a good sport and wasn't phased in the least. She said, she was paddling and then turned around to say something to her mom on the beach. That was enough to upset the balance and over she went!

Needless to say, I'm being much more careful about paddling the Maui because I'm NOT a good sport and I WOULD be phased very much!

On our last day, Mike and I took the girls out to explore the lake and it's many islands.

Mike towed Nat in "Banana" because we knew she would get pooped out quickly. I shared Hannah with Miss Moo and the dog.

At one point Mike was towing all of us. Shhhhh...he'll never know!

On the way back to the campsite we had a race. Miss Moo and I are a precision paddling team, not unlike the teams of Olympic Scullers one might see on TV. (OK, not really THAT good, but we can kick it into gear and move it!) We would let Mike and Nat catch up and then we'd pour it on and show them our mighty wake.

Well about the third time of this, little Nat picked up her paddle and pitched in and I tell ya, the race was really on! It was a paddle to the finish, and me and Miss Moo were really digging in! They surprised us, and it was an all out tie coming onto the beach! That's what we get for being so cocky I guess!

All in all, this trip was a great end to our summer vacation. We all have wonderful memories of our time on and around the lake.


  1. that looks like so much fun! I bet your kids love it!

  2. sounds wonderful! I love your view from your campsite - it's a view like that which brings about the spirit of cooperation!

  3. You've made kayaking look extremely appealing to a very sedentary "old" lady! I long for a view of the water (like you captured in your photograph) and the smell of the mountain air. These are memories that will last a lifetime for you and yours. Thanks for sharing and reminding me of earlier years.

    I'm here from MMB - first time on this blog hop so I'm reading and following everyone. It has been an uplifting Saturday activity. I appreciate your donation to my day.

  4. Well you've inspired me to face my own terrifying fear of water. Mike has been talking about kayaking for the past month and I always change the subject out of my own fears. I appreciate your honesty and truth of being exactly who you are.

  5. I'm not a kayaker, but I would become one to enjoy the great scenery you all had! These pictures are great. Sounds like you had a great time.