Friday, July 15, 2011

The Full Moony (Well, Almost)

Oh, this summer is flying by WAY too fast, and not enough kayaking is happening. Too much work is happening for me, that's for sure! It's putting a cramp in my recreation!

Knowing that Friday was going to be a full moon, and knowing that I'd be waiting tables while said moon was reaching fullness, I decided an almost-full moon was good enough, and took the girls out on our little lake for a paddle on Thursday night instead.

Here's the first and last picture my camera took before the battery died.

The sky was fairly cloudy at this point and the sunset was gorgeous. We hadn't yet unloaded the boat so we quickly drove back home for a back-up camera.

By the time we unloaded and got on the water it was just about dark. I was happy to see the clouds disappating. I was afraid we wouldn't see the moon at all if they stuck around.

It's not that easy to get pictures of your crew whilst paddling and while some of the crew is screaming, "Don't drop my camera in the water!" Hence these rather awkward photos:

But the four of us "girls" fit nicely in my tandem kayak, a point I am always thrilled about.

We began to notice bats flying around us and on closer inspection, LOTS of bats flying around us! They were dipping down to the lake surface for insects and actually touching the water. I was thrilled! (of course, I love snakes too).

I've never seen so many in one place and they would come fairly close to us as they zipped by. (And I don't think any other animal "zips" as well as a bat.)

Well, Shel-bell was a little freaked out at first. She had heard that old myth about bats making a nest in your hair. After watching them for a bit though, she realized that they had no interest in slowing down their feasting for her lovely hair, as tempting as it was, and she set about trying to capture a picture of them.

Not an easy task! Out of 50 some shots, she finally got this:

She was so proud!

Natalie and Suey enjoyed the bats as well. Suey actually got up from lying down and perked her ears up. That's about as excitable as she gets, to which I am thankful!

After an unsuccessful bullfrog hunt, we packed it all in at about 10pm. It was a fun little outing and as always, an adventure!


  1. Looks like you had a nice outing! The bats would have freaked me out a little but it seems like you all took it in stride!

  2. You're so awesome and brave! I would've freaked out if bats had been flying around me and taken cover. In short, I'd have been no dang fun. N' I do not like snakes or frogs or any slimy thing. The memories you're creating with your girls is priceless--kayaking in a moonlit lake in the summer. Could it get any better? I think not!