Wednesday, June 2, 2010

In The Beginning...

My kids were using a borrowed kayak and I was enjoying the heck out of watching them from the dry safety of the shore. Somehow they convinced me to try it out and lo and behold, it was fun! And I didn't feel unsafe (like I might fall in and get WET), and I was getting a bit of a work out from paddling (bonus points), so then I decided that we might need one of these cute little boats.

This is the one that started it all. It's like crack, just don't even try it, or you'll be hooked.

Just so happens that a guy I work with kayaks (with his cat, but that's a whole 'nother story) and he had a friend that was selling hers. It was a screaming deal for an almost new Hobie Maui, so before I knew it, I had me a boat!

Here I am under the assumption that I was actually going to get to paddle this boat once in a while. This lasted all of 10 minutes.

Well, we were still in possession of the borrowed kayak, and after trying out my new Hobie, I realized that the other one was comparable to trying to paddle a bathtub. Unfortunately my kids figured this out pretty quickly too and then there was nothing but fighting and whining about paddling the Hobie (and no matter how much whining I did, the kids still wouldn't give me a turn!)

So, now we're the proud owner's of two Hobie's. The single seater Maui and a tandem Kona. Let the whining cease, and the paddling begin!

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