Thursday, June 10, 2010

Osprey Sighting

(At least I'm pretty sure it was an osprey.)

The other day the girls and I saw this bird flying over the lake, and later saw it with a fish in it's talons but didn't get to see it actually get it's fish.

Today I was really lucky and actually got to see it dive down and catch a fish. WAY cool!
(This is not my photo)
After doing a little research I learned that after they catch a fish they adjust it in their claws until it's facing forward.
It was interesting to know that they deliberately turn the fish to face forward, because it looks like the bird is just giving the fish a little tour of the lake from a different advantage. It's kinda cute if you think of it that way and not about what the bird is going to do to the fish after he shows him the sights!

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  1. It could be that they want them to get more air into their gills so they stay fresher longer (that's my morbid thinking).....