Thursday, June 3, 2010

A January Paddling

I wrote this post on my personal blog way back in January, but since it's about ME and Kayaking, I thought I should repost it here.

This week has been filled with gorgeous, if not unseasonable, weather. On Monday I made a plan to kayak today if the weather held (Fridays being the day I'm off work at noon and don't have to show up at the restaurant till 4:30, so I knew I'd have plenty of daylight and time.)

I came racing home, loaded my boat and took it on the short drive to the lake. time. And I didn't feel guilty.

I really wouldn't have guessed I'd get a chance to take my kayak out until spring, certainly January wasn't on my mind at all. I have to confess it was nice to go out just by myself. I love having the girls go with me but there's always someone who's wet, or tired, or doesn't want to go to that end of the lake, etc. It was just too cool to do what I wanted and get it out of my system so that I can really cater to what the kids want to do next time.
Here's my moment of zen...

There were quite a few feathers just floating on the glass-like lake, and they struck me as so beautiful. However, getting next to one and taking a picture was a whole different story. I learned that you just don't go and stop a kayak exactly where you want to, and when you do finally get close the ripples from paddling mess everything up. It was challenging but fun to finally sneak up on this little feather and get it's picture.
This group of ducks was the extent of other paddlers on the lake.
And my secret for not getting wet, especially in the melted snow waters of January, is that I know of a little place to launch where there is a ramp, but I can put the kayak in right next to it and it sits in about 3' of water. I then just step from the ramp into the boat (which only requires me to be immersed in about 2" of water). I wore my waterproof Sorel snow boots, and ta da! Another dry day of paddling!

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