Monday, July 26, 2010

Full Moon Kayaking and Boat Christening

All summer the girls and I have been talking about kayaking when the moon is full and also naming and having a boat Christening for the kayaks. We decided the time was right to combine the two goals.
I wanted the boats to have palindromic names since "kayak" is a palindrome, so the girls decided on Hannah and Anna as the boat names. We ended up bringing Aunt Jan's yellow kayak with us, so we ended up Christening it "Banana". Not a palindrome, but the girls liked that it rhymed, and I thought it an appropriate moniker.

We set out at sunset to our little local lake and barbequed some hamburgers. For a special celebratory dessert I made lemon bars. I told the girls that it was an old sailing tradition to eat something lemony at a boat Christening to ward off scurvy.
I topped the lemon bars with fierce looking pirates, who were to fend off any bad sailing ju-ju.

I made up a new verse to the What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor song: "put him in a lemon bar till he's sober, put him in a lemon bar till he's sober, put him in a lemon bar till he's sober, Ear-lie in the morning!"

I think this sailor has learned a lesson!

After researching the internet, I found out that one should lay a branch of green leaves on the bow of the boat to ensure safe returns, so I had the girls gather branches for each boat. I then read the Christening Ceremony that I found on the internet.
At one point it reads, "The moods of the sea are many, from tranquil to violent." And just as I said that we heard a branch snap in the woods behind us, so I added, "and so are the bears." Whatever creature made the noise didn't bother us, so I continued.
We toasted with sparkling cider and dribbled a little cider on each boats bow "to appease King Neptune".

Then we set off on our full moon kayaking tour. The moon was just coming over the trees, and it was so gorgeous. Then it began illuminating the lake more and more. I wish I had a camera that could have taken good pictures of it all. It really was incredible.
The water was so still, and the surroundings so beautiful, I could've stayed out all night. I'm so glad we made the effort to do our full moon kayaking.

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