Saturday, July 10, 2010

Morning Kayak

The girls and I have gone out twice now on morning kayaking excursions. We love the evenings, but we discovered mornings are pretty cool too. We love sleeping in though, so we have to put in a little extra effort to get out in the morning.

We discovered that seeing into the water to find fish is exceptionally good in the morning. We were able to spy some really huge trout, and that was a treat! We didn't bring fishing poles, but the girls seem to be ok with just seeing them (and naming them of course).

We made our rounds of treasure hunting and came back with more fishing tackle and this time a fly (finally something I'm familiar with!).

Here the girls are extricating a hook and line tangled on this limb.

We saw our "goosey friends". The family of 3 adults and 12 babies we've watched grow since spring. It's nice to see all 15 of them are still healthy and happy!
and we discovered this beautiful feather floating on the lake. It's reflection kind of gave it the illusion of looking like a butterfly.
It's interesting the vibe of morning vs evening. In the morning you really get the feeling of the energy building: the sun climbing higher, more people arriving, the wind picking up, and in the evening it's all winding down. Both are beautiful times of the day to be on the water!

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  1. I love the feather (butterfly) pic! How cool! I too love to sleep in the mornings but there is so much to see in the crisp morning light that gets lost in the afternoon...THank you for reminding me of it.