Thursday, July 22, 2010

Venturing Out

Well, we finally got off our little neighborhood lake and ventured out to the high country. We camped for three days at beautiful Lake Alpine.

Paddling was a bit different. There was actual wind and waves to contend with. Quite a bit more challenging than what we were used to, but very fun.

Miss Moo and I had to paddle the boats across the lake to where everyone was picnicking and I was quite proud of her. When we got out into the open lake it was some serious paddling, and she did great. (Here she is below, before we got into the choppy water).

The dog was happy as long as she was in the boat with me:

We beached the kayaks on the granite islands in the middle of the lake and explored.
Saw some beautiful wildflowers...
And also saw my friend from work who kayaks with his cat. Yes, his CAT.

Can't wait to go on more adventures and explore more lakes!

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